The Complete Guide to IFRS

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Ralph Tiffin explains the IFRS in clear terms
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Project, investment and capex appraisal - over the years shareholder value has been consistently destroyed by poor investment or project appraisal

Project Appraisal and Financial Management

Where should management effort be directed? In controlling costs and ensuring proper engineering in live projects - yes, but true cost control comes by understanding, eliminating and minimising risk prior to a business committing funds. This course studies the stages required for financial and business appraisals of projects and capital expenditure. The aims of this course are:

to impart the knowledge and skills required to ensure as risk free as possible expenditure of that scarce resource cash - investors', shareholders' or governments' money must not be squandered.

to improve the quality of the appraisal process and the understanding of projects from a financial perspective - to demonstrate how the process of appraisal allied to being financially aware can dramatically improve cost control and deliver risk managed projects.

You will learn how to:

• understand your project – the business drivers

• appreciate the economics of the project

• be in control of your projects from the start

• carry out sensitivity analysis - be able to identify risk

• quantify risk and understand the use of risk registers

• identify financial measures and understand earned value

Who will benefit

Business development managers and directors
Project engineers, managers and directors
Contract engineers and managers
Plant and facilities managers
Financial personnel wishing to enhance their practical knowledge of project appraisal


The course material has been developed to meet the needs of many successful companies by supporting their project management improvement programmes. Spreadsheet and WP files containing the checklists, process schedules and the various demonstration models will be available along with a comprehensive set of notes.

For mores details contact Ralph Tiffin or see IChemE website - shop - short courses